Damyller S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook Damyller-ss12-big-01.jpg

Damyller is a Brazilian lifestyle brand that has been around for more than 30 years. They have a huge selection of denim, but from what I can see, their jeans styles don’t seem to have too many alternatives. They are either slim or straight cut, which is OK for guys, I guess. I don’t suppose you’d go for a pair of flare jeans anyway! 😉

But to compensate, they give you a lot of wash options. Colors range from dark blue to bleached out and many imaginable shades in between. I like that double denim look just below combined with dark blue jeans and the bleached jacket as well as the second look below of dark blue jeans with a white denim jacket.

Damyller S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook Damyller-ss12-15.jpg
Damyller S/S 2012 Men's Lookbook Damyller-ss12-18.jpg

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