Damyller S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook Damyller-ss12-big-02.jpg

One thing that I have never been able to figure out is this; Is Brazil’s Spring/Summer collection our future Spring/Summer collection or is it the other way around?

Brazilian brand Damyller is showing their SS12 collection which includes mini jumpers, long halter top overalls, sexy shorts, colored jeans, and slouchier looking bootcuts, just to mention a few. That mini jumper (directly above) makes me want to scoot down to sunny Rio de Janeiro right now and show off my bronzed legs and shoulders in that cute halter top. Guess I have to wait another few months for that 🙁

You can buy these jeans online here or in one of their stores. They actually have almost 100 of them located all over Brazil. I think it’s worth the trip!

Damyller S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook Damyller-women-ss12-24.jpg
Damyller S/S 2012 Women's Lookbook Damyller-women-ss12-25.jpg

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