Heidi Klum in Unknown Super Wide Leg Jeans FP_8376645_Klum_Heidi_PASTFF_010712.jpg

Update: Thanks to our reader Andrea she confirmed that these are Free People Extreme Flare Jeans available on clearance in size 26 & 27 at ShopBop right now! Also, there are other sizes available at Revolve too!

With four kids, no nanny and some Brand Unknown super wide-legged jeans, Heidi Klum hit up a local park Saturday afternoon for some fun in the sun. Klum’s extreme bell bottoms drew the attention of several moms in the park, but it was her interaction with Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou that really shined.

If you know who makes Heidi’s jeans, drop me a line.

Heidi Klum in Unknown Super Wide Leg Jeans FP_8376664_Klum_Heidi_PASTFF_010712.jpg

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