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! was invited to go to !tem’s Spring/Summer 2011 launch party at the Ace Hotel in NYC. !t was an intimate happening with only a few selected guests, and ! was one of them. VIP treatment all the way, delicious food, champagne, wine, my beloved diet cokes (! am an addict!) and ! got to meet the brand’s CEO, Kimmy. What an amazing lady. She explained to me that !tem is a “fashion forward” brand, meaning that whatever they are showing now, will be considered “fashion” in a year or so more ahead.

Check out their complete orange and royal blue looks. And what’s so cool about their jeans was that they are not skinny-skinny, but slouchy-skinny, so much more edgy. ! have always favored this style because it is so much more comfortable than those extreme skinny jeans where taking a simple breath is an adventure!

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