Q/A With Simon Miller NSF Designer NSF-M-2012-10.jpg

Hmmm, who are you, Simon Miller?

I tried googling you, but the only thing I found out was that people love your jeans, so I won’t pry. Let’s just talk about your babies, your jeans.

You have become known in the hard core denim world as the guy who delivers some of the coolest, specially treated selvedge jeans. Your jeans are surely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think that this is just the way you want it to be. I can identify totally.

The Denimology team wishes you the best of luck with your new venture, NSF 🙂

Q: You have your own denim brand – Simon Miller Jeans. So how did you become NSF’s designer?

A: Nick [NSF Owner] and I had met and became friends; we shared the same sales rep [MattyMoeck] so we were around each other the last few years. I wasn’t happy with my own brand and was becoming increasingly frustrated so Nick and I banded together to create a denim line for him that would reach a greater audience.
We shared the same aesthetic and had a common goal so it has become a great project to work on.

Q:What makes NSF denim special?

A: We simply try to make the best 5-pocket jeans we can. NSF denim is a denim line for real people. We are not Proenza Schoeler, we are not trying to make a statement or re-invent anything. We simply try to do the best we can and make denim that people can wear everyday. NSF denim should simply fit great and NOT stand out.

Q: What is the number one thing you are trying to achieve in your designs?

A: We want the denim to feel authentic, but at the same time reach a modern audience.
The goal of NSF denim is paired down product that is relevant to people today. Making something simple and clean is the ultimate goal. Keeping things to a minimum and concentrating on fit and wash is what we do best.
We have been developing the fit and wash techniques for years. We all love the production process so working on new washes and finishes is a ton of fun for all of us.

Q: What styles are going to be big next season?

A: You know that is relevant question for Jamie [NSF Head Designer], but not so much for me. I’ve been working on the same 5-Pocket Slim jeans for nearly 6 years. Its not in my DNA to be constantly seeking the next big thing. And for men its not really that relevant anyway. I imagine we will be offering the same slim straight 5-pocket jean in 10 years time!! And I’ll still be trying to perfect it!!

Q: Which celebs are wearing your jeans?

A: Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, John Ham, Chris Pine, Chris Evans

Q: What essential jeans should every man have in his wardrobe?

A: Unwashed, Dark Indigo Straight or Slim fit jeans–Preferably NSF.

Q: What is the first pair of jeans you remember?

A: My first major influence was HELMUT LANG jeans in the 90’s before they sold the company a million times. My buddy Marty had the greatest pair of vintage washed, paint splattered slim fit HL jeans..sounds so awful now but they were incredible. I had Slim Fit Dirty washed denim and RAW BLACK Helmut Lang jeans that were so cool at the same time. Original Unwashed Nudies were great [back pocket stitch aside] and really helped UNWASHED DENIM become more and more popular despite APC doing it for decades,..
Then Japanese brands like 45rpm and KAPITAL have had a great influence simply because they are produced beautifully. Most recently, RRL because they set the standard for producing any denim product in the USA.

Q: What was your favorite pair of jeans that you have ever owned and why?

A: I nest in Jeans for 2 years at a time… so its variable depending on what I’m wearing. The last 10 years its simply been APC, 5EP, thenRRL’s…
Trust me, when it comes to my personal denim I’m super boring and uninspiring!!

Q: Which denim brand do you wear when you don’t wear your own creations?

A: RRL only. I don’t wear my jeans. It feels like making out with your sister [I imagine]

Q: Which is your favorite jeans shop?

A: My own stores FABRIC – back home in NZ. Ron Herman here in LA.

Q: Who is your current favorite denim icon (male & female). I am thinking the person who, in your opinion, has the most denim style?

A: I’m a big Johnny Depp fan. He wears a collection of so many different garments really effortlessly. He definitely has his own style and personality, and word on the street is he is a dope dude.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about yourself:-)?

A: Nothing about myself. Just a shout out to Marty, Leon, Kirk and Margaret back home, Nick & Matty at NSF, my buddies A&J and a big thanks to Andy and Lisette at DENIMOLOGY who despite my reluctance have always been cool and said nice things about my jeans.