Wrangler Australia Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection 36-027.jpg

Whenever I get an email from the guys at Wrangler Australia it always throws me. Like today when they sent me their Autumn/Winter 2012 lookbook, my initial reaction was – how can we be onto Autumn/Winter already we haven’t even finished the last one yet. But then of course I remember that things work differently down in Oz and that they are currently in their Spring/Summer season, so obviously next they are going to be interested in what is available for when the weather gets colder. This season there is a nod to the 90’s for the guys, with Kurt Cobain seemingly an inspiration for the slim coloured denims, check flannel shirts and loose knit cardigans, whilst the women’s collection is altogether more 70s and free-flowing.

Wrangler Australia Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection 39-034AA.jpg

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