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Hi everyone! I am back with some great news and photos from my exotic holiday in Thailand. Not long ago Diesel offered to lend me two pairs of jeans to review from their new collection. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make because all the jeans from the “Fit Your Attitude” collection are fantastic. I spent a good couple of hours in their store browsing through the collection and trying on different styles. The two jeans that I eventually selected are Getlegg and Bootzee. They are completely different but both very comfortable and great looking.

The first style that I am going to review is the Bootzee. The reason I picked these jeans is because I never had this kind of style before so it was an exciting change for me. The Bootzee are tight to the knee flaring out slightly to the hem. It’s the perfect style if you are a bit tired of your normal skinny jeans but not too sure about trying the flared ones.

The jeans are quite tight, hugging hips and thighs while the back pockets give you a nice lift. They have a regular waist which is high enough to feel comfortable while you are wearing them. I noticed that the bootleg design makes the legs look longer which is always a good bonus. As I mentioned before, this design is a nice change from my super stretchy skinnies and I actually find them very feminine and smart. I love that they can be easily paired with a smart shirt during the day or a fancy top for the evening. Apart from the dark blue colour that I picked for myself the jeans also come in a light wash which is perfect for summer.

Thanks for reading my review and I hope to see you on my blog soon

The Diesel “Fit Your Attitude” Bootzee jeans are available online from

Aleks Style - Diesel #fityourattitude Bootzee Jeans IMG_1778.jpg

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