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Diane Goldstein, former designer of French fashion label Paul & Joe, has created her own brand called April, May. Here is her explanation of this name: “Well, I was born in April and Yohan, my husband and partner, was born in May. Both April and May are springtime months, and spring marks the beginning and renewal of the natural world, which blossoms after the gloomy winter has ended.”

She defines her brand with one sentence: “April, May is about attitude — about mixing and matching coolness and elegance”.

April, May has been known in Europe, especially in France for some time and Diane is getting her big break in the US now through Nordstrom who will be selling the line starting next month. Her pieces don’t come cheap, they retail from $200-$500. I haven’t had the opportunity to see them yet, but the photos in this lookbook show that these clothes manage to carry off the elegance of French fashion savoir faire combined with the coolness of American denim know-how. Like those cowboy boots. I have always adored the combo of a leather jacket, jeans and cowboy boots like the one below. And don’t ignore those details embroidered on the jeans pockets.

This brand has really piqued my curiosity and I will soon be able to bring you the scoop on their fit and quality.

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