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New week, new questions! And hopefully new denim – ideas!

I need to know about other brands that fit as well as Diesel…. I mean not only the cut or style but the type of jeans, kind of soft but not too tight….. Stretch usually fits me too tight and I look fatter than I actually am….. Please help me – I feel like I’m a slave to Diesel…..

Answers after the jump….


  1. Lisette, what kinds of jean styles do you recommend for mature women? I am 54, average height, average weight, hourglass size 8 US/30W-32L. I am coloring over gray hair and wear it long. Thanks.

    • Dear Mary – I strongly believe that nowadays there is no more “age-limit” rule. As long as you keep away from cut offs and shorts, you should be able to wear any kind of jeans that you fancy and fall in love with. Remember, you have to feel good about yourself:-)

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