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It’s Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week time, so please check through my nominations and let us know who you think is the most stylish by voting for your favourite at the bottom of this post.

See how much we’re all loving colour? We’re just THROWING it on! Eliza has such a cute look she can get away with this slightly crazy but still cool outfit. And her companion doesn’t look like he’ll take any nonsense from anyone so I doubt she’ll run into trouble…

Hudson Nico Skinny Jean – Lavender: Available from Donna Ida.

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In my eyes, La Moss can do now wrong. However……the boots are an unusual choice and it feels like the coat isn’t hers. Still, the jeans are cool and I love the hair and sunglasses. When you’re Kate Moss though I mean really, who cares?? She’s forever fabulous.

Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week DDLDR.jpg

My favourite jean of the moment! I can’t stop looking at the Citizens Mandy. I love the shoe choice but would have preferred to see a stronger coat colour choice to pick out one of the great coral or lemon shades in the jeans. She does have that fabulous hair though so maybe that’s the colour pop I’m looking for.

Citizens of Humanity Mandy Skinny jean – Natural Rose Print: Available from Donna Ida.

Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week DDKS.jpg

I like the way Kristen has folded up her Seven skinnies – this can be a bit of a leg shortener but she’s wearing it well. The eye makeup and tousled hair is just right with the simple tee and hoodie.

Celebrity Denim Diva Of The Week ddKK.jpg

Wow that colour really hits you between the eyes doesn’t it?! Love it! It would have been much cooler with a white tee though – the shirt hanging below the jacket is too much and a bit businessy but I love her Balenciaga bag and pieced black leather Siwy skinnies.

Love Donna


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