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This is the second in my set of reviews for Diesel’s new line of denim. If you have read my previous review you will know that Diesel have been relaunching their women’s jeans collection to ensure they adapt to the ever changing luxury denim market. Their new “Fit Your Attitude” collection features several staple styles in various washes and colours and this review is about their skinniest leg style which is called the Grupee and I chose a light-grey wash named 0885J.

This pair is low on the waist and tight on the leg and was my favourite of all the new styles upon trying them on. Although the waist is low and rests on the hip, the waistband is very comfortable and does not dig in at all. The Zipper area also has a quirky angled detail which reminds me of the Balmain biker jeans from a couple of years ago. This immediately makes the jeans look a little more expensive and well thought out as well as giving them a bit of attitude.

The leg is long and skinny although something I have noticed with Diesels jeans is no matter how skinny they say the style is they are never actually that tight. I don’t know if this is because I should be going a size smaller than usual or if the jeans are just not ultra skinny. Either way they are very comfortable to wear. Despite the leg being a little looser than usual I actually think they are quite flattering and elongating.

The best part of these jeans (and the ones I previously reviewed) are that they are very flattering from behind giving you a lift and also making your legs look longer. The description on the label says the pockets are designed especially for this purpose and I have to say I think they are very successful!

These are a size 26 but I think I could have gone a size smaller if I wanted a super tight look, so this is something to bear in mind if you are looking to buy these.

All in all I think these are a great pair of skinny jeans for basic wear, and the best of Diesel’s new collection, so if you are looking to invest in something from the brand I would strongly recommend the Grupee style.

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Connie Style - Diesel #fityourattitude Grupee Jeans 20120202_5289.jpg

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