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In my crusade to find different jeans, with different styles and fits, I came across these jeans from Ksubi. SHOCK! Aren’t Ksubi’s known for their skinnier-than-skinny fits? So tight that even a size 25 model had to upsize at least 2 sizes? You remember for sure their most famous high-waisted, bleached-out jeans with the ankle zipper that became Ksubi’s trademark. Didn’t we all think, wow, these skinny Ksubi’s are proof if we gained an ounce!?

And what do I see here? The baggy, totally anti-fit pair of jeans that I am trying so hard to make you girls love again – remember all my preaching about skinny jeans and dark blue stretch jeans.

I was trying to figure out why the name “Self Service Jean”, but it didn’t take me long. I decided that this must be because of the many ways you can wear these jeans – and I am not talking about how to combine them with your tops and shoes. I mean exactly that these jeans are “multi-task” themselves. You can wear them slouchy low-waisted on your hips. Or high-waisted – they have a kind of adjuster belt in the back that will let you tighten or loosen the jeans right up on your waist. Then you can wear them rolled up at the ankle and with high strappy heels. I just love the way the model here in the picture wears them, and hopefully I’ll be able to try them on soon myself.

Our product reviewer,Jennifer, is going to be reviewing these jeans soon and will give you more details about the fit and style.

KUDOS to Ksubi for creating the Self Service Jean!

 Lisette Loves: Self Service Jean By Ksubi Ksubi-117.jpg
 Lisette Loves: Self Service Jean By Ksubi Ksubi-118.jpg