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I haven’t quite been feeling at the top of my game recently–with the frigid temperatures and flu season at full force it’s been a serious struggle, particularly when your cosiest grandpa jumper and slippers look more and more appealing (and more and more appropriate for day to day wear). At times like these, a pair of jeans like these Diesel “Gruppee” jeans in 0887A are necessary.

Not only are they super comfortable, they’ve got just enough wash and paint detailing to make even the blandest outfit look interesting. The denim is slightly stretchy and hugs your body in all the places you want it to, without an uncomfortably tight waistband holding you back. They’re a great length to wear with heels or flats, which means you can scrunch them up a bit at the ankles (pictured here) or roll them into two small cuffs for a cleaner look.

I loved that I could run around in these all day and they kept their shape. What’s possibly the most irritating aspect of jeans is when you cant move, but these, although skinnies, are a slightly relaxed fit and thus give you the ability to be as agile as your day requires. What is also great about the entire Diesel “Fit Your Attitude” collection is the subtle detailing. They’ve got thin grey back pocket decoration, tiny slits at the inside ankle, the classic Diesel logo on the front right pocket, and tiny studs featured at the waistband. It’s this kind of detailing that makes the jeans special.

The obvious styling for a pair of “grungy” jeans like these would be to throw on a band t-shirt, your coolest leather jacket and a pair of heels (which I tried and found looks great), but I also wanted to demonstrate that even with their paint splattered finish they can translate to a slightly more done up style as well. I think the versatility of this particular pair of denim was what surprised me the most–and what makes me love them that much more!

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