Millie Mackintosh In Bleulab @ Donna Ida Donna-Ida-Millie-Mackintosh-Bleulab-Jeans-Shocking-Pink-£215.jpg

The more I see of Bleulab jeans the more I like them, they are just such a great idea and so well executed. When I first heard of them I thought they must be a gimmick, how could reversible jeans really work, but trust me I have checked them out and they absolutely do. Check out the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh of Made In Chelsea who stopped by at specialist denim boutique Donna Ida and tried out Bleulab’s amazing shocking pink jeans – coated on one side and matt on the other and then my favourites, the cheetah/charcoal combination – they are leopardskin on one side and the coated black on the other, so you get two fantastic jeans for the price of one. And in the current economic climate I am sure everyone can agree that is a good deal. DonnaIda stocks Bluelab exclusively in the UK and has 9 different styles (meaning 18 different colour options) with prices starting at £215.

Millie Mackintosh In Bleulab @ Donna Ida Donna-Ida-Millie-Mackintosh-Bleulab-Jeans-Shocking-Pink-£215-Reversed.jpg
Millie Mackintosh In Bleulab @ Donna Ida Donna-Ida-Millie-Mackintosh-Bleulab-Jeans-Cheetah-£245.jpg
Millie Mackintosh In Bleulab @ Donna Ida Donna-Ida-Millie-Mackintosh-Bleulab-Jeans-Charcoal-£245-Reversed.jpg


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Millie you are HOT HOT HOT in your BleuLab Jeans! 

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