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Naked & Famous is an amazing brand that offers a whole line of raw selvedge denim, not only dark blue, but patterned and colored as well. I usually do not post lookbooks that are not lifestyle, but as there is a good reason sometimes to break my rule, just have a look at a few selections of these amazing jeans.

“Naked & Famous Denim uses only the most unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan. The prestigious mills in Japan, from which we import all our fabric, are committed to producing only the best (and most expensive) denim in the world. Throughout each step in denim production (weaving, dyeing, finishing…) the mills use a combination of old school and modern methods and practices. So much culture and history is poured into the fabric so that it can be appreciated by the denim purist.”

They keep all their jeans raw and simple. No washes, no embroidery, no gimmicks… just the best fabric in the world combined with modern fits. They have eliminated these costly (and in their opinion unnecessary) after-effects, and have stripped down their jeans to the core essentials. Now true denimheads and newcomers alike can enjoy these special fabrics at a reasonable price. And most important – Here is what they say: “We love rare and unique fabric! Our collections have featured dozens of selvedge denim fabrics, crazy blended fabrics like Kevlar denim, cashmere denim, silk denim, wool denim, linen denim, camel hair denim and more! We’ve played with right-hand twill, left-hand twill, broken twill, alternating mixed twill, double-weaves, W-weaves, big slub fabrics, super nep and multi-color nep fabrics, chambrays, dobby cloths, and plenty more.”

Naked And Famous - Real Denim For Real Denimheads NakedAndFamous-SS12-05-23-14.jpg
Naked And Famous - Real Denim For Real Denimheads NakedAndFamous-SS12-21-08-29.jpg


  1. Absolutely the best jeans. No frills, no logo, no flaps on the pocket, no thick stitching. They just look good on their own merit. For the fit, the feel, the quality of the raw selvedge, the overall look. These are real guy’s jeans that make you look good whether you pair them with a leather jacket for casual look, or a high end blazer for a night out.

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