Paige Does Florals Chello SkylineAnklePeg_1.jpg

The first time I saw these floral jeans was at the Paige Denim Preview for S/S 2012, last September, when I had the pleasure to meet Paige herself. I remember thinking, OMG how beautiful and amazing these prints are, but I still have to wait months and months to be able to get a pair. 🙁 But these months of waiting have paid off – Paige will be selling these florals on her website in in the stores starting this weekend. I absolutely need to get the grey ones with the burgundy flowers. They so fit my mood which is not right quite ready for full-on bright colors until summer arrives.

Paige Does Florals Chello LolaShort_1.jpg
Paige Does Florals ChelloFloral LovelandSkirt_1.JPG
Paige Does Florals Grey Lola_1.jpg
Paige Does Florals Grey SkylineAnklePeg_1.jpg