1921 Lookbook S/S 2012  GF_1921Oct11_LB239.jpg

1921 were Born in Canada and raised in Los Angeles. I remember them from a while ago, and then never heard anything about them anymore.

Well, they are certainly back now, showing us real California lifestyle denim here, easy fitting jeans, loose tops and fringe boots. They also seem to be putting more emphasis on the real denim, and show only a few colored jeans. Which is perfectly fine with me. Lately I have been getting an overdose of colorful jeans and shirts and shoes and handbags anyway.

Summer hasn’t even started yet, but I am already so over ‘colored’. I want good old blue and black jeans!

1921 Lookbook S/S 2012  GF_1921Oct11_LB045.jpg
1921 Lookbook S/S 2012  GF_1921Oct11_LB242.jpg

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