Brand To Watch: M.O.D Mod-Denim-S12-01.jpg

German lifestyle brand M.O.D (aka Miracle Of Denim), was one denim brand at Berlin’s Bread and Butter tradeshow that attracted a lot of attention.

M.O.D. is for the self-assured person that loves quality but does not believe in showing off by wearing the status symbol labels. M.O.D. jeans are high quality jeans but sold at a reasonable price.

There seems to be quite a trend of German denim brands popping up. Definitely will be posting more German jeans here soon. We shall find out what this German trend is about. Could these be the new Volkswagens of blue jeans? Or will they turn out to be the Beemers and Benzs?

Brand To Watch: M.O.D Mod-Denim-S12-04.jpg
Brand To Watch: M.O.D Mod-Denim-S12-07-08.jpg

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