Carol Voderman In Levi's 20110601190015.jpg

Carol Voderman, for those of you that don’t live in the UK is a TV Presenter famous for being smart – she used to appear on a show called Countdown where she was called upon to do complicated sums (well they were complicated to me anyway) in her head very fast. These days she doesn’t appear on TV as much as she does in the tabloids, who seem to write a different version of the same story about her every week. That story being – she’s still in pretty damn good shape for a 50 year old. And you know what, as predictable as it might be I have to agree with them. These photos of Ms Voderman wearing a pair of skinny Levi’s jeans earlier this week seem to indicate that in her case 50 may be the new 40.

Carol Voderman In Levi's 20110601190008B.jpg


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