Closed Winter 2012 Men's Lookbook CLOSED-M-W12-27.jpg

Denim shirt, denim tie and and jeans rolled up at the ankle, paired with those robin blue shoes! Yes, CLOSED, this is much different and completely individual. You really caught my eye here!

Besides this rad combo above, Closed also gives you guys a beautiful blue and pink (or is it purple?) option for brightening up your winter 2012 wardrobe. I am seeing a lot of short jeans here, not cropped, but ankle length. Do you think this style will become a new trend? It has been tried before also, but in a rolled-up-at-the-ankle version. I am not sure you guys love it, so let us know!

Just for the record: I absolutely love this look of shorter jeans if paired with the right shirt, blazer or sweater. Be aware that if you don’t do the whole look right, you can end up looking very sloppy, or even worse, like as if you are wearing your little brother’s jeans!

Closed Winter 2012 Men's Lookbook CLOSED-M-W12-13.jpg
Closed Winter 2012 Men's Lookbook CLOSED-M-W12-01.jpg

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