Colcci S/S 2012 Women's Runway Show Colcci-Women-Runway-SS12-01.jpg

Being in Brazil right now, I checked out Colcci‘s S/S 2012 collection in one of their stores and tried on a few of them. Their clothes look even better in “real” life than in any lookbook, because they – how do I best describe it? – they flow, they move, they follow your body’s movements.

The amazing jumper is made of super-soft lightweight denim, fitted at the top and then becoming a harem style pants-maxi-skirt. It is amazing what this jumpsuit does for your body, sensual and at the same time playful. Trust the Brazilians to make even a jumpsuit look REALLY sexy! And if you feel that the whole jumpsuit thing is kinda too much for you, you have the option of using only the trousers, paired with a wide belt and high heel. These look amazing.

Summing up this collection, I really mean it when I say – Colcci is a brand that has never gone with what is in fashion, and while they are not anti-fashion at all (they incorporate, for instance the very fashionable orange color) they create their very own fashion. Regardless if skinny or cropped or flare is the fashion thing of the moment, Colcci offers you a total individualistic way of dressing your denim.

Colcci S/S 2012 Women's Runway Show Colcci-Women-Runway-SS12-06.jpg
Colcci S/S 2012 Women's Runway Show Colcci-Women-Runway-SS12-05.jpg

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