Diesel Denim Bags Divina Brava.jpg

After first launching it last year, Diesel is bringing back the Divina Brave handbag in full force. Based on the imaginary movie saga ‘License to Create’, the new bags feature bright cotton coated twill styles for women with a printed lining as well as a new style in leather enriched with metallic details. The DNA is reflected in millions of treatments such as combinations of abraded denim with leather, garment dyed cotton twill or sprayed color in natural leather.

And while I am at it, have a look at some of the other Diesel handbags that are also included in this Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Especially the cool backpack below. I am a totally devoted backpack person, I need my handbags to be attached to me in some way, otherwise I just forget and leave them lying around, not a fun experience, as you can imagine! This cute striped denim backpack is definitely on my most wanted list for this coming summer!

Diesel Denim Bags BACK UP STRIPES X01059 PR526 (Medium).JPG
Diesel Denim Bags DIVINA X00978 PS704 T4176 (Medium).jpg
Diesel Denim Bags THE DIVINA X00941 PS700 (Medium).jpg
Diesel Denim Bags LOW RIDE STRIPES X01061 PR526 H4133 (Medium).JPG