Jessie LOVES: Doctrine Overalls The_Denim_Guy_108.jpg

Squeal! I have always had much love for denim overalls and this pair is no exception! We just got a look at Doctrine’s new high class overalls from the Fall 2012 lookbook and we like what we see! Here is a little info on the new collection from the brand!

For Women’s Fall 2012, DOCTRINE’s inspirations derived from a variety of key item on the runways. Wanting to continue on with our strength in various bodies, from high and low rise flares, slim bootcut to regular bootcut, regular bell bottoms to super bell bottoms, slouch skinny, a denim jumper and The Overall. This Denim Overall is not like any regular overall, we took what was trending and incorporated that into the new style of The Overall. Overalls can be bulky, heavy, and can sometimes hide a women’s body! Not our overall with its sexy fit to show off a women’s body, we took the back and simplified it with less denim so a women’s back side could be shown. In addition to that we made the fit of the pant into a flare trouser, allowing this pair of Overalls to be dressed up or make it casual.

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