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Do you own that special pair of jeans that you can wear to any event, whether it is your favorite ball game or night out on the town? Exceptional denim that just slips right on and embraces all the right places with no sagging, hemming or stretching required? Today, Denimology fans, I am letting the cat out of the bag! The Agave Vaquera slim/flare jeans are it!

When I pulled these inviting beauties on they skated over my thighs with such ease. I knew immediately that these were not just any pair of jeans. I loved that they fit like they were contoured for me! Like the Agave Moda Jeans, I previously reviewed; I was pleased that these jeans were the perfect length to my height. The flare was brilliantly formatted so that these Agave gems were snug at my knees and flared at my calves. My favorite feature to this particular denim style would have to be the back pockets. I love the lap whiskers (aka lappets)! This touch brilliantly gives shape, accentuating anyone’s backside that put these pretty kitties on!

The Vequera are 98% cotton 2% Elastane comfort stretch indigo denim. They are hand sanded with resin crinkles and stonewashed to a light indigo shade. Currently, there isn’t any other color offered with this style, but in my opinion, would be divine in a hand sanded, dark indigo wash, as well. 😉 The rise is 7.75″ with a bottom of 18.5″ and an inseam of 34.5″. Machine Care is listed on Agave’s website to turn inside out, machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

As all of you know, I am the newest reviewer on here and because of that, I would like to give a quick thank you to Agave for giving me an opportunity to brag about their remarkable jeans and allowing them to be my very first review! Thank you Denimology for allowing me to review on your site regularly and Denimology readers, thank you for reading and commenting on my reviews!

…Until next time, Ciao!

Erica Style - Agave Vaquera Slim/Flare Jeans  IMG_2408.jpg

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  1.  NOt at all. I have a pair with similar pockets and the way the sew on the pockets it actually makes the jeans cling to your back. Is it the picture of her posterior? Let me re-size that. Oops.

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