Gisele Bundchen For Esprit S/S 2012 9962126.jpg

I was looking out of my window at the weekend when I saw Gisele’s face on the side of one of London’s iconic red double decker buses. So I thought I should investigate and find out exactly what she was advertising. It turns out that the Brazilian Supermodel is the face of Esprit and as you can see from some of the campaign shots, there are a few denim bits and pieces in the collection. Interestingly though Esprit seem to be one of the only high street fashion retailers that are not promoting a coloured denim collection this season, everywhere else on the UK high street is a riot of primary coloured denim.

Gisele Bundchen For Esprit S/S 2012 9962133.jpg
Gisele Bundchen For Esprit S/S 2012 9962134.jpg


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