How One Man Stretches His Imogene & Willie Jeans 380730_10150685255684477_94549024476_9120955_1382764482_n.jpg

As soon as I saw this picture in my facebook feed I knew I had to share! This guy has a lot of junk in his trunk jeans! In an attempt to stretch his jeans a bit, Justin Van Laeken used this unique technique.

From Imogene & Willie:

Jessica got a text from her friend Tara last night that said, “FYI, this is how my husband stretches his Willie’s.” They were a little tight, so he wet the waistband and started stuffing shit in there: an igloo cooler, 3 pencils, 2 hammers, 4 books (chuck klosterman, cookbook, gardening book, and a book on socialism), 4 markers, 3 screwdrivers, and a mini bike pump.

We wanna know if it helped stretch his jeans! Did his trick work, I&W?

How One Man Stretches His Imogene & Willie Jeans tumblr_m1pazowdY51qerk0l.jpg