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Hey there denim lovers! I hope everyone is staying warm during this chilly season – UNLESS you live in FL (like me!) and are experiencing beach weather. We have been in the high 70’s lately, and I am NOT complaining. As much as I was craving colder weather (so I could get some more use out of my chunky knits and boots), I’m starting to really crave spring and summer. I’m ready to move onto lighter clothing 24/7 that’s chock full of brights and fun prints! Who’s with me?

The jean I’m reviewing for you today is the J Brand Super Skinny Coated Legging in Sandstorm. I’m a huge fan of J Brand, but I’m not 100% digging the coated or wax-like denim (see my previous reviews of J Brand Wax Coated Denim HERE and HERE). I like this style on other people, just not really on myself. Maybe I’m being too critical?

I love the color of the jean. Neutrals are always great because they are highly versatile. However, the actual fit of this jean is awkward for me. I love the 30″ inseam and the 10″ leg opening, but I am not fond of the way the jean looks and fits in the rear area. I don’t know if it’s the coating that gives off the “long-and-wide” bum look, or if it’s a result of the mid-rise? I certainly do not have this issue with other J Brand styles I’ve tried and own.

The jeans are 98% cotton and 2% elastane, but I feel a little constricted with these, as I felt with a previous pair I reviewed HERE. I don’t feel like they stretch as well as other styles I’ve tried by the brand. The coating gave off a feeling as if I was being sucked into the jean. It’s definitely a plus that they don’t stretch out or lose their fit, but I just don’t feel like this style was particularly flattering on me.

As for the appearance of the coating itself, I dig it. The subtle shine is nice, and it can really dress up any look that you’re going for. I highly recommend trying on this style, prior to purchasing. It’s definitely not your typical fit. If you’re already a fan of coated denim, then definitely pick these up because the color is perfect to transition through the seasons.

The J Brand Super Skinny Legging in Sandstorm reviewed here are available online from JBrand.

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