Kellan Lutz in Dylan George Jeans kellan-lutz-celebrates-his-birthday-with-fans-24.jpg

You all know my boyfriend Kellan Lutz, right? He’s done a couple movies (that I don’t know the names of) and he’s even had a few lines in the most successful vampire movie franchise of all time, The Twilight Saga.

Well… he proposed to me on HIS birthday while launching the Dylan George and Abbot + Main Spring ’12 Collections at Bloomingdale’s at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York. Okay not really but it looks like he was proposing to this girl that should really be me because Kell and I have been together IN MY MIND for so long.

Did I mention that my future husband is wearing Dylan George Jeans and Abbot + Main? Because he is.

P.S. Everyone is wearing real human hair scarves these days. What do you think of mine? It’s obviously Abbot + Main…… -___-

Kellan Lutz in Dylan George Jeans kellan-lutz-celebrates-his-birthday-with-fans-01.jpg