Lindsay Lohan in Mother Denim fpOaS.jpg

Absolutely rocking her Mother Denim Jeans, Lindsay Lohan debuts her new flowing red hair as she leaves a medical building in Beverly Hills. The 25-year-old actress was rocking the horrid white blonde look for a while – but just made the change back to her original red!

WHOA! In my world of celebrity denim spots this is the alpha omega of spots. Why you ask? Because Lindsay Lohan did the unthinkable and changed her hair back to red! Her hair is red! RED! These are the moments that bloggers crave and oh…. it feels so good. Lindsay is wearing one of the newest hit making denim line, Mother, while giving me that nostalgic Mean Girls feeling. Le sigh…..

Lindsay Lohan in Mother Denim ZZ30DF9660.jpg

Lindsay Lohan in Mother Denim xOfOB.jpg