Lisette Loves: Robin's Cuir Jeans Robin - Black Cuir-1.png

When I first saw these jeans at a tradeshow here in NY I did a double take. Are these leather jeans? I went over to Robin himself to ask about them and when I looked at him he was wearing very similar jeans in a kind of vintage looking white.

Neither are these pants leather, nor are they coated jeans.

Robin came up with a really brilliant coup: take poplin pants and treat them to look exactly like a pair of old and worn leather pants (one of the hardest looks to achieve!) We have all seen waxed or coated jeans and they are all uniformly waxed or coated. Robin invented a technique to use the coating on stretch poplin in a non-uniform way so that the jeans look worn in exactly in the strategic places like pockets and along the leg – just as they would look if you had actually worn them for years.

Aptly called the Cuir, these jeans come in green, red and black and also royal blue. They are available now, exclusively, at the Robin’s Jean Store on 60 Grand Street in Soho, NYC. 212.226.2191.

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