Nobody Denim F/W Men's Lookbook HMP5310 PIPE SLICE - SELVAGE.jpg

Guys! Have a look at this! Australian brand Nobody is one of the few men’s denim brands that does not show any baggy or droopy jeans! They’re offering you raw selvage in a skinny straight or skinny.

Additionally, so are all the jeans in this S/S 2012 collection. Nobody gives you tons of super-skinny jeans in different washes. So let’s say you go super-skinny. If this is too risque for you, and you still want to do skinny, then you have the option of doing less super-skinny, like the just plain skinny, without the super! If this is still too skinny for you, the next step would be a skinny straight.

Nobody has shown me the most sexy and fitting men’s jeans so far for this season!

Nobody Denim F/W Men's Lookbook HMP5313 STENE - SELVAGE.jpg

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