Rue S/S 2012 Lookbook Rue-S12-19.jpg

Rue de Jeans is now RUE. Rue de Jeans, formerly a denim line with just denim jeans/pants, has now turned itself into a full contemporary line called RUE.

Above you can see RUE’s trademark elastic waistband jeans. This elastic is what made the brand known because it gives you extra room at the waist. Especially gratifying after having indulged in your favorite pizza/chocolate Sunday dinner treat! I love those overalls below. Actually, I like all of their women’s denim line – the skirts look super feminine and soft.

And the rolled up drop crotch skinny for men – they look cool, but too bad they paired them with flip flops. I hereby declare flip flops for guys absolutely NO WAY for the city and YES WAY for the beach!

Rue S/S 2012 Lookbook Rue-S12-04.jpg

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