Stephen Burrows For Raven Denim StephenBurrows_RW35022.jpg

During NYFW, Raven showed its collection from their collaboration with Stephen Burrows. This marks the first time that Burrows has shown jeans on the runway and Raven Denim’s first collaboration with a designer.

The show was happening in the Audi Building on New York’s famous Park Avenue, and you can see on these pictures that even non-invited “guests” were having a blast while they were watching the show through the windows! The show was packed and I was blessing Jeffrey Campbell for inventing those huge platform sneakers, so I was able to look over the crowd and catch a few glimpses of the runway.

Afterwards, I was able to check out these jeans and they are amazing. Done with the expert craftsmanship of Raven’s designer Ya-el Torbati, paired with fashion icon Burrows’ trademark red stitching, you are in for a treat!

Stephen Burrows For Raven Denim StephenBurrows_RW35069.jpg
Stephen Burrows For Raven Denim StephenBurrows_RW35133.jpg
Stephen Burrows For Raven Denim StephenBurrows_RW35223.jpg
Stephen Burrows For Raven Denim StephenBurrows_RW35342.jpg