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Hello everyone. It’s hard to believe Spring is already just around the corner. The upside to that is the fabulous Spring denim styles that are surfacing. Just as I was getting swept away with the many different bright, printed denim this upcoming season, I came across something completely different–black denim. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been particularly fond of black jeans. Perhaps it’s because I prefer when there’s something a little different in my jeans aside from the basic denim, and black jeans seem like the epitome of basic. Don’t get me wrong. I love black, and I believe owning classic staple pieces are a must. But when it comes to jeans, I’ve never been a huge fan of black washes. So I was a little surprised that I was so drawn to this particular pair upon first sight. There was something about the look of the material that really caught my eye. These are Rag & Bone/JEAN Zipper Capri Pants in Midnight Tuxedo.

Made of 66% cotton, 30.5% polyester, and 3.5% lycra, these have a very decent amount of elasticity to them. However, they are very tight-fitted and cling to the leg almost like spandex. The material is a very light-weight super stretch denim, and they have a sheen nylon look to them allowing for a lot of versatility from day to evening. The texture looks almost like a lightly coated denim, although they’re not actually coated. The outer side of each leg has a black stripe (hence the tuxedo name) that’s ¾ of an inch thick, made of a faux leather-like material. The material allows the stripe to stand out a bit even though it’s black on black. The wash is called Midnight Tuxedo, which is a black sheen color with the black stripe down the leg. The inner ankles have hidden inseam zippers that are 6 inches long, allowing for a very comfortable leg opening (the leg opening is 10 inches when the zipper is closed). I love subtle little details such as this.

These are a classic five pocket style jean, although the front pockets are actually faux pockets. Without the bulkiness of front pockets, faux pockets allow the jeans to stay true to their fitted silhouette. The cut on these is very tight, as they cling to every portion of the leg. In fact, they run a bit on the small side. If you’re between sizes, I’d say to go up in size. The waistband on these feels a bit more snug than most other Rag & Bone jeans that I’ve tried. And they remain true to their shape and don’t stretch out with wear as denim often times does.

The inseam is 26 inches, which I really like about these jeans. It’s nice when jeans are ready to wear and don’t need any alterations. I like the look of fitted cropped jeans, hitting just above my ankles. The rise is 7 ½ inches. (Keep in mind that measurements may vary slightly with different sizes.) The right rear pocket has Rag & Bone’s signature “RG” stitching. And the pockets are very flattering on the rear. I’m a big fan of Rag & Bone/JEAN’s rear pocket placement and shape.

Washing instructions are: machine wash in cold, do not bleach, hang dry.

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