Bonobos Bottle Rocket Denim: Beer Bottle Jeans edcanvas_tall_01_1.jpg

For Earth Day, the menswear e-tailer has created a line of denim made from beer bottles. That’s right. Recycled. Beer. Bottles.

Billed as Bottle Rocket Denim, the Bonobos eco-pants are comprised (as Esquire notes) “of 23 percent synthetic, recycled, beer-bottle yarn. The rest is cotton yarn, and there’s no need to worry about Heineken’s green glass rubbing against your knees. Instead, they sourced plastic beer bottles — those terrible things you get at concerts, sports venues, and other outdoor events where sandals may be involved — to create this new material.”

For a more thorough read on these jeans, check this article out.

Bonobos Bottle Rocket Denim: Beer Bottle Jeans edcanvas_full_05_1.jpg