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I would say its fairly obvious that this seasons denim trends are all about loud and crazy prints. You only have to look at a fashion blog, magazine or even here on Denimology to see a vast array of wildly coloured jeans with all sorts of bold and wacky prints adorning them.

So it comes as no surprise that I am reviewing a pair of printed jeans myself today. These ones are from Mother, the style is ‘The Looker‘ and the print is ‘Cherry Pickin‘. They feature a gorgeous orange and pink cherry print on a black backdrop.

I actually think this print is fairly successful in coming across as surprisingly subtle. I didn’t feel as though I was wearing CRAZY jeans when I wore them outside, where as some of the prints around at the moment would take a bit more guts to wear. Perhaps this is because the print is a fairly small and repeated rather than a large pattern with less repetition.

The fit of the jeans themselves is up to Mothers impeccable standards. They fit beautifully, with a great snug fit on the hips and a skinny leg which is super flattering. The rise is quite low but not TOO low and gives a very flattering slimming effect. They have a good amount of stretch to them and are very comfortable to wear for all occasions. This is probably down to the clever fabric content being 65% cotton, 33% lyocell and 2% elastane. These are a 26 and fit very true to size in my opinion.

I would say these are very easy to style up for day or night, They can be worn with simple slouchy t-shirts and flats for a casual day look, or smarten them up with heels and a blazer for fashionable work or evening wear.

Now, these jeans don’t come cheap at £245 a pair, but in my opinion if you are going to splash out on designer denim then an exciting and edgy pair like this is something to invest in! I do admit I am a huge fan of this brand and find their fit suits me very well, so maybe its a little bit of favouritism, but out of the last few pair of jeans I have reviewed these are definitely one of the best.

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The Mother “The Looker” Cherry Pickin Jeans reviewed here are available online from OxygenBoutique.

Connie Style - Mother "The Looker" Cherry Pickin Jeans 20120321_6068.jpg

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