Fornarina S/S 2012 Lookbook Fornarina-SS12-01.jpg

Fornarina goes absolutely skinny for this coming spring and summer. My favorite look here is the rolled up jeans with the fly-buttons showing paired with a lighter wash denim shirt. But the black denim overall (below) is a very close second. Usually overalls are done in a more slouchy, un-sexy kind of style, which is just not at all the case here. You can use this with a different kind of belt, depending on your mood, and I also suggest some high top platform sandals if you want to be more comfortable walking around in summer.

Fornarina S/S 2012 Lookbook Fornarina-SS12-02.jpg
Fornarina S/S 2012 Lookbook Fornarina-SS12-03.jpg
Fornarina S/S 2012 Lookbook Fornarina-SS12-04.jpg
Fornarina S/S 2012 Lookbook Fornarina-SS12-05-06-07.jpg

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