Introducing: Whiz Limited  Whiz Limited-04.jpg

Whiz Limited is a Japanese streetwear brand, known for its concept of individual clothing, design conscious silhouettes and their unique Tokyo style outlook. Their founder, Hiroaki Shitano, launched his label in Winter 2000 with “Whiz” as its moniker, and added the word “Limited” to its name in 2003.

I have always found Japanese street looks extremely interesting and way different from what you see on the streets here in the US or in Europe. It is always easy for me to spot the Japanese people here – they have a very unique and very particular way of wearing the most outrageous jeans and shoes and accessories. I love hanging out in Soho in summertime and observing their amazing style and “daring to be different”.

This lookbook does not do these creative people a lot of justice, but it might help you to get a bit of an idea of what I am talking about.

Introducing: Whiz Limited  Whiz Limited-05-06-Composite.jpg

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