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For me it has always been quite confusing – what is Lee/Wrangler/Levis Europe and what is Lee/Wrangler/Levis USA. So I asked the people from Lee and here is their explanation:

“Lee USA and Lee Europe are two separate business units of the same brand. This means we are owned by the same company (VF) and that we do have the same brand ‘Lee’ but the collection in Europe is developed in Europe and made for European consumers often with different fits, patterns, moods/inspiration and fabrics – all which are developed to be in tune with European seasons and taste. This is basically as the region has a different aesthetic, different expectations and appreciation of denim than compared to the USA consumers.”

I do not agree in terms of classifying the brand like this, I do believe that Lee Europe could very well be the same as Lee USA and they would rock their European styled denim as much here in the US as in Europe. Especially, since there is really nothing that makes Lee USA outstanding or even attention calling, except for rather uncreative washes and styles and a low price range – think Sears, JC Penny or others like this.

I know for a fact that Levis has gone global. Maybe Lee should take this road too

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