Lisette Loves: David Kahn Woodstock Jeans David Kahn S2012-29.jpg

When I check out any kind of tradeshow, there is always one special pair of jeans that grabs my attention. In February, at the Coterie show, it was David Kahn – so reminiscent of the 60’s and aptly named Woodstock jeans.

Here you have one pair of totally different jeans. Not only are they different, but they have a perfect fit. I am very demanding when it comes to choosing my own jeans so when I got these and tried them on, it was love, lust and satisfaction! Not too much stretch, they have just enough in them to mold to the body BUT without clinging. This means I am not restricted in my movements and I can sit down on the floor, cross my legs under me, grab my guitar and sing some of those Woodstock oldies…..I mean, I could, but I so do love my iPod!!!!

These Brenda Slim Fit Woodstock jeans are available online, and also at Biyazzi (store and online) in Colorado and go for $207.

Lisette Loves: David Kahn Woodstock Jeans David Kahn.jpg