Lisette Loves: Joe's Deedi Skinny Jeans LisetteLovesJoes-DEEDI_1213.jpg

When Joe’s Jeans last year came out with their micro-flare concept, I thought how perfect for someone who’s too short to wear a regular flare. Unfortunately, the inseam was much too long for my mere frame… sigh….. They came out with the same model in petite, but still too long. I would have had to wear Lady Gaga’s platform shoes to pull those off without hemming. And the worst part was that I absolutely loved the wash of these jeans.

So, the other day I was visiting my friend Miguel in Bloomie’s. He is one of their denim experts and always keeps on track with the newest of the new denim trends. He showed me these new Joe’s that have just come out and were actually almost sold out already. OMG! These are the same amazing wash as those micro-flares from last year but in a skinny version!

Joe’s sent me a pair of their new Joe’s Skinny Crop Jeans in Deedi and now I am living in them. The most amazing thing about these jeans is that they actually fit like a glove. They mold to my body, they sit tight at the right place (on the waist) and hold my shape without pinching on my legs. Oh, and one more thing: Joe’s is one of the few denim brands that I have seen so far that runs absolutely true to size. Their waist is what it says on their label and the jeans sit absolutely on the waist. Not below and not above.

Available at any of the Joe’s stores and online for $165.

Lisette Loves: Joe's Deedi Skinny Jeans LisetteLovesJoes-DEEDI_1221.jpg
Lisette Loves: Joe's Deedi Skinny Jeans LisetteLovesJoes-DEEDI_284-285-Composite.jpg