Motel Rocks Jeans: Fresh Bold Prints! image1xxl.jpg

Motel Jordan Jeans Barocco Print

Yesterday, while hunting for a pair of bold print jeans, I found a picture of Jessie J at this years Brit Awards. I don’t know how they slipped by me… maybe I thought they were pants…. I fell in love. And then, my girls informed me that they were jeans, they were vintage and I had about no chance of attaining a pair.

Thanks goodness I found this brand Motel Rocks. I’ve never really noticed them before. But hey, THAT was before. I notice them now an I want to see them in person. Check out the amazingly bold textiles and see them in action! The line has been featured in Vogue Italia and is really hitting the sweet spot in the press.

As for my favorite pair… it’s between the Barocco Jeans above or the Rainbow Fade Jeans fin the gallery below. Check out more jeans from the brand here!

Motel Rocks Jeans: Fresh Bold Prints! jordan_jean_speed_front__48930.jpg

Motel Rocks Jeans: Fresh Bold Prints! jordan_hyacinth_black_front__04402.jpg

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