NSF Fall 2012 Lookbook  NSF-W-F12-12.jpg

Founded in 2005 by Nick Friedberg, NSF has earned a loyal following for its clean aesthetic, understated cool and eminently wearable collections.

It looks to me like NSF based this women’s collection partly on menswear. The jeans definitely have some masculine traits. And they are made mainly of 100% cotton, which I am absolutely a fan of. I love the casual look. You can feel at ease and self-assured wearing these jeans. No airs, no overdone sexiness, just real jeans with an attitude that deceptively cuts through the relaxed veneer.

NSF Fall 2012 Lookbook  NSF-W-F12-07.jpg
NSF Fall 2012 Lookbook  NSF-W-F12-16.jpg

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