Nudie Jeans: The Woad/Guado Capsule Collection Nudie Guado Full Main Pic.jpg

Since ancient times the Woad plant has been cultivated and used to make blue dyestuff. It was already known in Egypt, possibly as far back as 1000 B.C. But in 1498 Vasco da Gama brought the Indian indigo to Europe.

The European Woad traders desperately tried to stop this new dyestuff with laws and lies. It was accused of being a false and deadly drug – the devil’s dye. And in some parts the use of indigo was even threatened with the death penalty. But because of its better properties the Indian indigo slowly prevailed over Woad based dye. The devil’s dye became the king of colors.

Thanks to an enthusiastic community of people in Marche, Italy, the traditional way to produce indigo from Woad or Guado as they call it, has been revived. The process is labor-intensive. It takes 1000 kilos of leaves to make 1 kilo of dyestuff. So this Nudie collection is being made only in a very limited edition. Each garment has a special Woad/Guado stamp and a unique number from 1-700.

I am not so sure if I really love this kind of blue hue, but I am absolutely sure I love Nudie’s whatever, so what you are getting here is a unique pair of jeans in a very unique kind of color. (And a very unique kind of price: jeans and jackets are $725, tee-shirts $349 and while you are suffering from your springtime allergy, you might as well use Nudie’s handkerchief for $275!)

The Woad/Guado collection can be found at selected Nudie Jeans concept stores and 14 Ounce Berlin, Tenue de Nimes Amsterdam, Liberty London, Atrium New York and A-place in Stockholm.

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