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R13 Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook

R13 Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook
R13 Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook R13-FW12-13.jpg

I believe that every woman, or every man in this case, should have at least one pair of non-conventional, edgy jeans in her or his closet. It is always most interesting to watch people’s reaction when you show up some place wearing something so totally different from your usual “you”! It’s like if I would show up in a dress and high heels in one of the bars I go to and where people know me, it would be like a total showstopper!! (note: I never wear dresses)

So, now that we’ve decided to do some shock therapy, how about wearing some of those awesome R13 Jeans. Like the leather jeans shown above with the white tuxedo stripes. Or, if you are a guy, you could go for those slouchy straight cut jeans below (yeah, those are unisex, R13 told me). Just mix those with some incredible accessories and you will be the queen/king of the night!

R13 Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook R13-FW12-25.jpg
R13 Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook R13-FW12-11.jpg

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