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Interesting, the first brand to show its Spring/Summer 2013 collection here on Denimology is a German brand, Alberto, founded in 1922! I love the dandy look of these models. And YAY, flower prints for guys! Means that you don’t have to borrow your girlfriend’s jeans anymore!! Here is what the brand tells us about its collection:

“The jeans style world is dominated by a summery feeling and pleasantly soft fabrics. Elegant and relaxed rather than robust and heavy. Brighter and lighter, the jeans trend is leaning towards linen. No obtrusive washes or finishes break in on the pleasantly purist image. With its clean lines, the jeans range diverts attention to details such as engraved leather buttons and woven red selvedge fabrics. The fact that the designers have spent a lot of time thinking about the various possibilities offered by the blue fabric is shown for example by a red selvedge from Italy which is woven on the wrong side inside of on the right, making it particularly pleasant to the touch. The collection highlights not only dark and light denims and raws, but also a white denim. The jeans can be worn with or without suspenders, which are supplied as a classic men’s accessory and can be fastened to the engraved leather buttons. Cut narrow with a slim silhouette, these jeans are ideal not only for business but also for going out. These looks are made for men who don’t separate work and leisure. They want to look masculine, casual and good for both”.

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