All Saints S/S 2012 Lookbook AllSaints-2012-22.jpg

All Saints seems to have “calmed down” a bit for this season. Their denim, at least, is more structured and fitting – a big change from those drop crotch and harem style jeans they used to favor before. Even their men’s bermuda shorts are skinny and tight fitting. Somehow I am a little disappointed, because before, they used to be an alternative brand, like you go and buy there if you are in the mood for something totally different, or rebellious, be it in style or cut or print.

But, on the other hand, besides the denim, their other clothing, still has all the flair and overwhelming styling you could ever ask for, oh well….

*editor’s note* we were tipped off recently that the line is headed back to their darker roots.

All Saints S/S 2012 Lookbook AllSaints-2012-15.jpg
All Saints S/S 2012 Lookbook AllSaints-2012-11.jpg

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