BlankNYC Fall 2012 Lookbook BLANK-F12-35.jpg

Oh, how I love zipper details, and how I love vegan leather (so much more comfy than real leather!) and how I love those splash painted jeans, and I could go on here forever. BlankNYC’s designers outdid themselves in this beautiful and super interesting collection. Too bad that I have a limited space – no way I could post all those beautiful jeans, but in a couple of months you should be able to check them out yourself at their website. Meantime, enjoy these amazing jeans which cover about anything that will be fashion this coming season. Spray on jeans, printed jeans and colorful jeans.

And there’s some news: BlankNYC is launching “X-fit” Lycra fabric, that will be offered in several washes and cuts. X-Fit Lycra is a 4 way stretch denim, doesn’t stretch out, bag or sag, and keeps its shape regardless of wear and tear or wash treatment. BlankNYC is one of the first brands to make this available for under $100! What more can you ask for?

BlankNYC Fall 2012 Lookbook BLANK-F12-01.jpg
BlankNYC Fall 2012 Lookbook BLANK-F12-02.jpg
BlankNYC Fall 2012 Lookbook BLANK-F12-10.jpg
BlankNYC Fall 2012 Lookbook BLANK-F12-24.jpg

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