Cycle F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook Cycle-FW12-13-14.jpg

This first image of Italian brand Cycle is really one of my favorites. Why? Because it clearly demonstrates how you can look extremely classy and elegant even with a denim shirt – it all comes down to the fundamentals of coordinating your clothes. It depends on what you wear it with and how you pair it.

Clearly, the Italians are masters of combining elegance with edge, so the picture below shows us this amazing denim suit. Again, depending on how you wear it, it can be classic or edgy or even bohemian .

Cycle is a brand to use when you want to make an impact and make your presence known without having to resort to an outfit that belongs more on a red carpet than on a city sidewalk – I am sure you get my point!

Cycle F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook Cycle-FW12-13-20.jpg
Cycle F/W 2012 Women's Lookbook Cycle-FW12-13-21.jpg

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