Love the fast track of this movie! Here is what Ksubi tells us about this SS12 collection:

“Jeans were worn low slung and baggy while jackets and apparel were layered in unisex form – a modern aesthetic born out of heritage shapes and styles. As a continuation from the denim fashion, the Bad Sports range was present in sportswear silhouettes and high performance fabrics. Nylons felt rich with metallic nishes; cotton dressed with leather trims. Siamese twinning of waistbands, trouser fronts, cus and hoods created looks for rebels with a cause.”

Over-sized shapes were contrasted against sleek polished looks, accentuated with bandanas. Studding and leather”

To sum it all up, I would say that the Ksubi‘s SS12/13 collection show was all
about the past looking forward.